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About us

Who are we? What are we? What do we do?

Music bytes never started out as Music Bytes, it started out as Humm Music Productions run by Steve Stirland & Jon Fisher.

Jon & Steve met in 1998 when Sheffield based Jerimiah Vein Split. There common interest in music led them to form Eulogy Music in Jons loft based home studio, where they started writing songs for Film, TV applications.

Eulogy music then became ‘Humm Music Productions’ in 2003 when the studio moved to new premises to allow the addition of recording vocal tracks for new and established artists.

Humm Music continues to write and produce new material for recording artists, film, TV and commercial applications.

Music Bytes is a culmination of Steve & Jon from Humm and Lee Glasby from The Udder Media Company. Between them they have a vast knowledge of composing, arranging, recording and producing music for today’s digital media.


Make your productions sounds sweeter

So your audio project is nearly finished and all that’s needed is some sweet production music to add into the final mix to bring it all together.

You’ve visited loads of other production music websites but the quality has been questionable and the prices have been well over your budget, Not with Musicbytes.

Our music writers, composers and producers have been in the business for many many years working on a multitude of audio projects. We believe that you can have awesome sounding music on your project for a price that suits your budget.

Our Team


Steve Stirland

Music Director / Composer

Jon Fisher

Music Director / Composer

Lee Glasby

Website Developer / Producer